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Myth Debunked: You Can’t Be Anything You Want When You Grow Up

Myth Debunked

“You can be whatever you want when you grow up.” I can still hear my parents‘ voices echoing in my head from as far back as I can remember. Honestly, it’s this promise that drew me over 20 years ago to my career, first as a recruiter […]

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Small Steps and Intentions

Small Steps and Intentions

There is a time and a place for long-term, big-picture career planning. Sometimes we need to pick our heads up and spend some serious time thinking and analyzing to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. I do this work with my clients all of the time. […]

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How to Make a Bold Move in your Career and Life

Start new career

There’s something in the air. All around me clients and friends are making bold career and life changes. Person after person is telling how good it feels to shed the weight of a job that wasn’t meaningful or aligned with their strengths or values. They are saying […]

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Finding Meaning in Your Work


If you are struggling to find happiness in your work, perhaps it’s time to dig a little deeper and uncover how you can shift your perspective.

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Life Satisfaction in a Snapshot

Wheel of Life

Has life gotten a little bumpy? This may be the help you’re looking for.

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Successful in Everyone’s Eyes But Your Own

Have you ever felt the tug to move in a new direction in your career, to follow a passion or a dream that you’ve long held dear? Here are some steps you can take to start moving deliberately and courageously in the direction of your new perspective.

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Quiz: Do You Need a Job Change or a Career Change?

Nearly all the conversation I have about careers start with the question, “Do I need a career change or a job change to make me happy?” It’s a big question that many of us struggle with at various times in our lives, and there are no simple, one-size-fits-all answers. Here are the top 10 questions I’ve found help my clients get started.

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Is meditation part of your life?

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.  -Dalai Lama For many years, I heard about how adding meditation to your day could significantly increase your happiness, satisfaction and health as well as reduce stress. At first, I wasn’t convinced. […]

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A Call to Action – Life is Too Short Not to Face Fears

“I don’t have enough time to focus on myself.” “It’s a luxury to have a career you love. No one enjoys work.” “I can’t spend time or money on myself to figure out what will make me happy.” “I’ll figure it out later. With the bad economy, […]

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Yes and No

These are funny little words that hold great power over our day-to-day lives. We say the words so often that we can lose touch with their significance and the role they play in our happiness. Yes and No are two sides of a coin. Each time we […]

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