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Hitting the Reset Button – Getting Back on Track After a Setback


To say there was a collective skipping of a beat here in the Northeast this winter is an understatement. Record-breaking snow pummeled us for 5 weeks straight. We are at 108.6 inches and counting in Boston – the snowiest winter on record EVER. School and work were cancelled, […]

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Automate & Simplify your Life

Every once in a while, it pays to find ways to automate and simplify the recurring tasks in our lives to free up the mental and physical space to engage more fully in the things that make life and work meaningful.

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What’s life got to do with it? – Extraordinary Foundation

This post originally ran on July 30, 2009 on the blog, Less Ordinary Living. Has this ever happened to you? You had an unfocused, unproductive week at work and you couldn’t understand why! That’s what happened to me last week. I thought I had everything in place […]

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Less is More – Terminator Salvation

This post originally ran on June 9, 2009 on the blog, Less Ordinary Living. You may be wondering what the movie Terminator Salvation has to do with living an extraordinary life.  It’s simple really, when presented with limited options, our choice can be a gateway to the […]

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Look for Potential, Not Problems

I’ve come to notice that in work and in life, we are often focused on solving problems. That’s what people are asking for when they come to us for advice and it’s how we feel we help them. Yet have you ever noticed how you can help someone […]

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