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How to Make a Bold Move in your Career and Life

Start new career

There’s something in the air. All around me clients and friends are making bold career and life changes. Person after person is telling how good it feels to shed the weight of a job that wasn’t meaningful or aligned with their strengths or values. They are saying […]

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Client Story: Laura

When I began working with Laura, she was a tax account at a Big 4 firm. On paper, Laura was a success and “had it all;” she had risen quickly to a manager level role, she was involved in extra-curricular like recruiting students off campus to join […]

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Tune in to Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you more clearly distinguish the “right” careers from the “wrong” during the career discovery process. If you can identify the moments where you feel strong (when you’re using your strengths) and actively seek these moments out, you will find greater success.

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A Call to Action – Life is Too Short Not to Face Fears

“I don’t have enough time to focus on myself.” “It’s a luxury to have a career you love. No one enjoys work.” “I can’t spend time or money on myself to figure out what will make me happy.” “I’ll figure it out later. With the bad economy, […]

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What Does Passion Have to Do with Career Success?

In my coaching, I often encounter professionals who “on paper” have all the success and happiness they could have imagined in their younger years.  They have degrees from prestigious colleges; they’ve moved up the ladder and are in positions of management and leadership at successful companies; they […]

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Yes and No

These are funny little words that hold great power over our day-to-day lives. We say the words so often that we can lose touch with their significance and the role they play in our happiness. Yes and No are two sides of a coin. Each time we […]

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