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If You Can’t Leave Your Job, Start Loving It


Many times throughout the course of our careers, we hit points where we no longer love the work we’re doing. Things feel stale and routine or we feel exhausted from doing work that drains us. If the timing isn’t right for a career change, we may feel […]

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Hitting the Reset Button – Getting Back on Track After a Setback


To say there was a collective skipping of a beat here in the Northeast this winter is an understatement. Record-breaking snow pummeled us for 5 weeks straight. We are at 108.6 inches and counting in Boston – the snowiest winter on record EVER. School and work were cancelled, […]

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Shedding Layers of the False Self

Although the focus was on facilitating my client’s transformation, my own experience during the exercise that day was eye-opening. Sharing that information with my client deepened the learning for both of us. When you hide behind your false self, you lose in ways that help you hide more. Step out just once and the change is instantaneous.

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Expect the best. The world is working in your favor.  -Cheryl Richardson Two weeks from today will mark the one-year anniversary of when I left corporate America to launch my coaching business.  The past year has flown by and it’s hard to believe how different my life […]

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Do You Trust What You Know? – Intuitive Knowledge

This post originally ran on August 12, 2009 on the blog, Less Ordinary Living. I bounced over to Jaye, the 28-year old dark brown, wise and majestic mare, with curry comb and brush in hand. The instructions from my coach Kathy were simple – I had 10 […]

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Extraordinary Support – A Dad Less Ordinary

This post originally ran on June 22, 2009 on the blog, Less Ordinary Living. Yesterday was Father’s Day and this year, my thoughts took me well beyond the requisite Hallmark card sentiment of love and thanks to the impact my dad has had, and continues to have, […]

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