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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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“What am I doing wrong? Why won’t things work out?”

My client’s job – a position she had been in for years and truly enjoyed – was being phased out. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she was looking for a new one.

The moment she heard the news, she jumped into action. She started networking, sending out her resume, and interviewing for exactly what she wanted: a similar role at another company.  But time and again, things didn’t work out. She couldn’t seem to land a new position.

Perplexed and frustrated, she came to me for thoughts on what to do next. She just couldn’t figure out what was she was doing wrong!

To help her find some clarity, I asked her a couple of questions. First, I asked her to reflect on what she was feeling. Next, I asked her what she wanted most for herself moving forward. The more she thought about it, the more she realized: In order to move forward, she first needed to take a step back.

Below are the steps my client took that helped her move forward. I share them with you in the hopes that, should you be taken surprise as she was, you too may find some direction with this process:

  1. Take the time to mourn – My client had loved her role, the company and the people she worked with. If she could have stayed, she would have and that idea had her spiraling. She realized she was in mourning over the loss of a role that meant so much to her. She came to realize that not taking time to mourn the loss of her role was unconsciously getting in the way of her moving on and finding a similar role elsewhere.
  1. Reflect and rethink – Once she allowed herself to move into the mourning that she so desperately needed, it enabled her to step back and reflect. Her perspective expanded as she thought about all of her interests and other roles she would be interested in pursuing.Unexpectedly, this brought her back to the career path she was on before she shifted directions six years ago to pursue her current She realized she was still interested in that prior path! Having now been away from it for years, she had fresh perspective on what kind of position in that field would really suit her.And then a funny thing happened … after she shared with me this new possibility, she ran into someone who knew a company looking to hire the exact role she was looking to find!
  1. Leap – The last thing my client had to do was take a leap of faith. She hadn’t initially planned to shift her career direction. Some of her close friends and family actively tried to dissuade her from taking the new position. Yet after many conversations and inner reflection, she decided this new direction and position was right for her.

These steps worked for my client because she trusted in herself and in the process. I am thrilled to report that she accepted the role and, as of this writing, starts her new job in two weeks!

If you find yourself hitting a wall in your job search, take a step back and work through these three steps. You may discover, like my client, that you find yourself in an unexpected and ultimately more fulfilling position.

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