Guiding Mid-career Professionals to Jobs They Love

Individual Career Coaching

Career Change Coaching

  • Are you stuck in an unfulfilling career?
  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of launching a job search?
  • Are you struggling to integrate your work + life in a healthy way?

Get the coaching support you need to:

  • Discover a new career that fits your strengths, values, passions, interests and needs
  • Craft, implement and maintain a job search that maximizes your efforts in today’s market
  • Improve your networking, resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Maintain your focus and stay accountable as you navigate along your new journey
  • Develop a career plan that allows you to enjoy what matters most to you
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Career Development Coaching

  • Are you ready to take the next step in your career?
  • Do you need to develop skills to get ahead – but are unsure which skills to start with?
  • Are you a newly promoted manager and struggling to adjust?

Through Career Development Coaching you can expect to:

  • Define your career vision and goals
  • Identify your strengths and areas for growth that will advance your career
  • Create a career development plan to grow your skills and prepare for promotion opportunities
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One-on-one career coaching provides the guidance and support you need to redirect, reclaim and recharge your career. It is a partnership designed to help you discover what is most important to your success and your life – and then help you achieve it.

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