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Hitting the Reset Button – Getting Back on Track After a Setback


To say there was a collective skipping of a beat here in the Northeast this winter is an understatement. Record-breaking snow pummeled us for 5 weeks straight. We are at 108.6 inches and counting in Boston – the snowiest winter on record EVER. School and work were cancelled, childcare was unreliable, travelers got stranded, getting out of the house became a timely and sometimes dangerous chore.

I have heard from many of you that life seemed to be on hold. Career goals, personal goals – items big and small got pushed aside as you dealt with the curveballs thrown your way. The normal burst of energy and focus many experience at the start of the New Year went out the window due to events outside of our control. And now we’re looking at the calendar scratching our heads and wondering how it could be mid-March already.

If you’re like me, you are feeling the need to restart 2015. Shall we go for it? I think we should all just collectively agree that 2015 begins on the first day of spring – March 20th! Let’s all leverage the burgeoning of spring to come out of our collective hibernation, get into action, and start this year all over again! Are you with me?

To help us all spring into action, here are some tips for how you can hit the reset button after a setback like we’ve all just experienced here in the Northeast:

  1. Find gratitude in the setback – Look below the surface and identify some positives that emerged as a result of the setback.
  2. Look forward, not back – Holding onto regrets about what you didn’t get done isn’t going to help and it can just keep you stuck. Instead, recalibrate your goals. Drop something that is no longer feasible. Refocus your energy on what is possible.
  3. Get back in the driver’s seat – Although the setback was outside of your control and you were put into a reactive mode to deal with it, it’s time to take control again. Think about what taking action might look like. What small steps can you take to move just a little bit forward and start embracing what you can control? It doesn’t take much to change the tide and get you feeling powerful again.
  4. Enroll a support team – Whether it’s a friend to vent with, an accountability partner to help keep you focused or a coach to help you plan, engaging the support of others will help you keep a positive outlook and start building your momentum.

What do you say? Are you with me? Are you ready to get further faster in 2015 by starting now? I say, “Let’s go!” Let’s all leverage spring and get this year moving again!

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