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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Job search advice

“What am I doing wrong? Why won’t things work out?” My client’s job – a position she had been in for years and truly enjoyed – was being phased out. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she was looking for a new one. The moment she heard the news, she […]

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3 Ways to Get Past, “I don’t know” and Find a New Career

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. When I ask a new client, “What kind of work do you want to do next?” they almost always say, “I don’t know.” In my 12+ years of coaching, I’ve learned that “I don’t know” is […]

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Don't Let Your Career Change Take a Summer Vacation

As summer approaches, my active clients take their foot off the accelerator. It’s hard to ignore the call of the warm sun! But is this really a good time to stop focusing on your goals?

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Telling "the Story" of Being Fired

If you were fired from your previous job, these steps can help you maximize your success in landing a new job.

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Feeling Stuck? Quick and Easy Energizers to Get You Going Again

Don’t lose precious time feeling stuck! Here are some simple things you can do to get moving again.

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You Are Not Your Job Title

You are more than the collection of jobs you have held. You are the skill set and value you bring to any role you decide to take on!

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Who do you want to be in 2014?

When looking ahead at 2014, look beyond articulating what you want to do this year to a bigger perspective: Identify who you want to be in 2014! This is that time of year when most of us are setting our personal and professional goals for 2014. I’m […]

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Don't Let the Holidays Stop You

December is halfway over and nearly everyone I’m speaking with feels the crunch of the holidays and the end-of-year push. This makes it tempting to put your job search on the back burner. But before you give into temptation, read on to learn why you shouldn’t push […]

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Quiz: Do you have everything you need to conduct an effective job search?

A job search is daunting. It feels like a full-time job. And that 4-letter word FEAR always seems to rear its ugly head in the process. To ease our fears and reduce the chance of being overwhelmed by them, we need to get our ducks in a row and be prepared for executing an effective job search. Not sure where to start? Take this quiz and see if you’ve got the pieces in place.

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Out Beyond Your Headlights

Do you get frustrated with projects – like your career change or a job search – moving forward in fits and starts when you wish you could jump right in? This post is for you!

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