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Who do you want to be in 2014?

When looking ahead at 2014, look beyond articulating what you want to do this year to a bigger perspective: Identify who you want to be in 2014! This is that time of year when most of us are setting our personal and professional goals for 2014. I’m […]

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Don't Let the Holidays Stop You

December is halfway over and nearly everyone I’m speaking with feels the crunch of the holidays and the end-of-year push. This makes it tempting to put your job search on the back burner. But before you give into temptation, read on to learn why you shouldn’t push […]

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'Tis the Season to Reconnect With Your Network

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to reach out to people in your network that you have not talked to in awhile without feeling awkward. Here are some ways to take advantage of it!

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The Networking Disconnect

You know networking is essential for your career change, yet you don’t do it. Why is that? Here are three questions that will help you explore your perceptions of networking and help you make sure you’re looking at it from the right perspective.

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Know Thyself

Self-reflection is a skill that enables you to achieve success in your career and in your life, but if you don’t have an accurate external picture of yourself you run the risk of derailing your career. Learn to know yourself better by developing your self-reflection skills.

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Career Ownership and Parenting

Here are 3 specific lessons I’ve learned that have helped me take ownership of both my professional and parenting careers during the last three years while I’ve been on this learning curve.

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Perseverance is vital to the process of changing careers or searching for a new job. Don’t feel like you were born with this level of perseverance? Not to worry! Here are some ways to build this skill!

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Keep Success Simple

I used to define success as getting as much done as possible, as fast as possible. These days, with a family, a job, and a home to attend to, the essence of success is my new goal. Here is what I mean by that and the process I had to put in place to make myself actually stick to this perspective.

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Values Impact Career Success: Discover Yours Now

Your values are at the heart of who you are. Knowing your values can help you set a solid path for changing your career. So… do you know your values?

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Say Yes & No Strategically

For everything we say yes to, we are by default saying no to something else we could be doing. Here is a method for doing this strategically.

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